Welcome to BooksOnShelf.com, a home to everything that we call life. I will skip my introduction for now, because if you are on my newly launched site, chances are that you are a family, friend, colleague or my mom (I know at least she reads reads by blog :)).

Using Book as metaphor for life, on BooksOnShelf is a canvas that I use to pen some of my experiences and thoughts in general about life – it can be travel, books, TV shows, movie, religion…anything!

And well, I do not want to make this site about me, me and me.

If you have anything interesting to share and need a place to put it out online, you can send me the article and I will publish it under your name with due credits.

Happy reading! And if you like something…please remember to share it.

P.S My name is Tejas (Just in case…. I have a visit from a stranger)